Top_6 UnderAge Controversial Models.

6.Kaia Gerber (15)

Supermodel Cindy Crawford’s enviably photogenic daughter looks set to be every bit as successful as her famous mom, having just signed as the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty.


Kaia Gerber started modeling when she was just ten years old. She signed to IMG Models at the age of 13, three years ahead of mom Cindy, who was 16. Her first big gig was with designer powerhouse Versace, modeling for their kids’ clothing range. Now at 15, Kaia won the coveted Model of the Year at the Front Row Awards.

5.Momoka Kurita (13)

Momoka Kurita made quite an impression when she posed as a “race queen” during a superbike racing event in Japan in 2016. Adult men showered her with compliments for her stunning looks, but little did they know that she was just 12 at the time and still in elementary school.



Her appearance at the 48th MFJ Grand Prix kickstarted Momoka’s modeling career, but it also sparked a heated online debate about age in the industry. Many have argued that dressing a 12-year-old child in a sexy attire and having her participate in an adult event was just wrong. Her detractors blamed her parents, but Momoka claims that nobody forced her into it and her parents are just supportive of her dreams.

Momoka has since been contacted by major companies for work and is currently juggling her studies, modeling gigs, ballet lessons, while somehow finding time for her hobbies of piano, guitar, and gymnastics. She’s got a lot on her plate, that’s for sure, which has prompted some internet commenters to say she is being robbed of her childhood.

4.Lottie Moss (19)

Lottie Moss, or Charlotte as she was christened, is the younger sister of supermodel Kate Moss. Only in her late teens, she is already accustomed to life in the public eye and has been modeling professionally for the past few years. At 13, she took part in a test shoot for Storm Management, the agency that first launched Kate’s career.


It was organized by her parents and Sarah Doukas—the woman who famously discovered Kate at JFK airport when she was on the way home from a family holiday in the Bahamas in 1988.


3.Aleksandra Vasic (14)

Despite being the tender age of 14, Aleksandra Vasic became the youngest model ever to appear in London Fashion Week in 2006 after being snapped up by iconic fashion designer Zandra Rhodes. The 65-year-old eccentric designer added Aleksandra to her books at the age of 13, just weeks before launching her first British show in more than 20 years.


2.Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau (15)

She was dubbed the prettiest girl in the world at age ten. Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau was featured in French Vogue before even hitting her teens after being spotted at a Jean Paul Gaultier show.


The daughter of French footballer Patrick Blondeau and TV presenter Veronika Loubry, Thylane began modeling at the age of five. But it was Thylane’s shoot in Vogue in 2011 that saw her hit the headlines when she became one of the youngest models to ever feature in the magazine and caught everyone’s attention with many claiming she was too young to be sexualized.2222222.jpg


Now 15, Thylane is represented by IMG Models, the same agency that represents sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid and Cindy Crawford’s daughter, Kaia Gerber.


1.Kristina Pimenova (11)

In 2014, Russian beauty Kristina Pimenova was hailed as the world’s youngest supermodel, at the tender age of 8 (she is now 11).


The “most beautiful girl in the world” title came from Women Daily Magazine, and it’s stuck ever since. According to her Facebook page, Kristina’s been modeling since she was three, likes gymnastics and traveling, and her page has over 4 million likes (!). Her resume is nothing to sneeze at either—she’s modeled the children’s lines from Fendi and Roberto Cavalli and landed pages in Vogue Bambini. FYI, Kristina wears only children’s clothing and rarely rocks makeup.




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