How to teach YourSelf To Travel Alone? why? 

This article is only for those people who really wants to travel, and find a deeper, and a more meaningful side of themselves, who really wants to explore the nature, from depth of the ocean, to the height of the mountains. Not for those people who travels just for having fun and takes selfies to share on social media.

 Why travel alone?

I always had a dream to be at the place where only I exist, and no one else would be there, no restrictions, nothing to worry about. A place where there are only flowers, and trees, and mountains around me. From one side the sun is rising, and from the other side full moon shining and the stars are blinking, and I would be able to explore both sides where I can sleep anywhere, sing anything, dance like no one is seeing me, roar like I’m the only lion and this is my kingdom, fly high like an eagle, dive in the ocean like a whale, run like a horse, I mean anything I can imagine, but the only fact that lead to this imagination was, that I should be the only one who exist, and no one else is seeing me. The thing is that we always adjust ourselves for others, we’re always afraid of what other person might think, how he/she will react if I do this or that, there are so many aspects that bind ourselves into a closed book where only some of the pages are accessible, and the key to open all those pages is being alone and explore. It’s like you have a map to find the hidden pieces of yourself, being on this journey you are all alone, you can be whatever you want, say anything that you feel which can’t be said in the social world we live in, do anything that fascinates you, no one will be there to judge you, and you won’t have any reactions that stays long with you, because you just keep on moving forward. So basically this is why I suggest or prefer to travel alone.

How to teach Yourself to travel alone?

We always plan a trip with our friends or family, because we need someone to share those memories and to talk about those memories after years and years have passed, but if you want to turn your memories into the stories that you read into some articles, or novels, or watch in some movies, then you need to be some sort of a secretive person, because you don’t reveal the suspense in the very beginning, and you make the people, who are listening to your adventurous journies’s stories to anticipate, and you build up to the stories and then you reveal whatever it was that you’d seen, experienced, or felt.

So these are the things which might help you to teach yourself to travel alone:

  • Decide a schedule, and a place where you want to go.
  • Don’t tell anybody where you are going and what you are doing, because it will kill your spontaneity.
  • Pack all your stuff, take some money and just hit the road. For the first time it might feel awkward, but you’ll get comfortable after sometime.
  • Don’t worry about money, you can travel with almost no money, (this might help)
  • Keep one book to write and stick all your things you enjoyed, learned, and experienced.
  • Try to be really social wherever you are, and make friends with the local residents. Talk to strangers, try to know their stories.
  • Break your boundaries, forget all the things, and behave like you’ve always wanted to behave, no matter if it looks rude, fake, silly, funny, or whatever kind of weirdness you have inside of you. Just be you and no one will judge you, because no one will know you.
  • Doing this will surely improve your confidence to do these things often, and it will also help you in your practical, social, professional, and personal life.

What To Avoid when on a trip like this:

I always feel bad when I see people playing games, and chatting on their phones, and watching pictures on their phones while traveling. There is nothing inside, all the things you are doing and seeing comes from the outside of that piece of technology. I’m not criticizing cell-phones, but I’m criticizing the time when you are using that thing. I have seen people watching videos on their phones while they are traveling on busses, or trains, or cars, or any kind of transportation, it’s very hard to explain for me that what they are missing in those ten or twenty minutes, whatever it was, that they might have had a chance to observe the unique things which’d taken placed meanwhile they were watching a video, or playing a game on their phones. In this vast society and nature, so many things are happening around you, and you never know which thing might inspire you for your future, or even the future of the social circle around you. I think in this world, if you really want to take a break from your routine life, and get really inspired, there is no such good therapy as travelling alone. Mountains will teach you how to stay humble, no matter how big you are, or how big you will become, oceans will teach you how to keep balance in your life and calm yourself, no matter how much messed up you are in your life, rain, snow, trees, views, hardworking people, artists, local music, cultures, or even losers, take anything, each and every thing has something to say to you, if you are ready to listen. So

“Hit the road and stay adventurous”


Special thanks to jay zala for language corrections. 

if you inspired by those words.


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