How to travel anywhere with almost no money

Most of the people daydream about traveling the world, but all of them have the same issue –The lack of money.

There are so many people who want to travel the world, but they always stay at home and read things about travelling from magazines or blogs, exactly like you are reading right now over here, but this post is a little different as it’s about travelling for free. Don’t get too excited and start packing just yet, first read the entire thing and then pack your backpack.

So, here are the few steps, through which you could start baby-stepping towards travelling for almost free.

Start With Short Route

The main problem with people is that, they always want to start with a location that is very far from their home. Travelling is not about how far you go, or the places where you want to be. Travelling is the experience which you gather from the new people you meet when you travel, new places you visit, explore their culture, try to learn their language. It’s about the difficulties you face during the travel.
So, my advice is this, just pick up a map, tick your location, decide how many miles you want to go, pack your backpack and just hit the road. I know I’m going very fast, but if you’ll keep on thinking, then you’re never gonna do it. The reason to do this is actually after one or two small trips you’ll learn how to lose your fear of travelling alone, with less money, less comfort,

I know we all have money issues, there are many things you can do to solve this, so don’t worry, just keep on reading..


Three steps travel at almost no money

The three major things you need to travel is : Transportation,

1. Learn Hitchhiking: (Transportation issue solved.)

What is hitchhiking in real term? Hitchhiking is travelling by getting free lifts in passing vehicles. I have seen so many people hitchhiking. It’s very convenient and the easiest method to cut your transportation cost but the problem with some people is that they are embarrassed to ask for lift, here are a few steps to get used to hitchhiking.

  • Always look cool, happy and friendly.
  • Have patience, and stay calm, and talk gently no matter how many bad replies you get.
  • No matter if you or your friends have vehicle, still always hitchhike, to make it a habit.
  • Talk to the person about his life, family or work, ask them about the place they are going.
  • Never pay money for ride, no matter how much time it takes to get you a ride. (Once you’ll pay money, you won’t be able to hitchhike.)
  • Talk about yourself and what you do for living, and make friends from each and every ride you take.

Extra stuff

  • Crack jokes if you know some.
  • Talk about movies, and favorite music, etc..
  • Play a song and sing along…

    These all things will help you to be a better hitchhiker, and drag down your transport cost at almost zero.

2. Learn to cook (Food issue solved)

Food is the most important thing while you are traveling, if you will pay for food, then you’ll quickly run out of the money that you have, so best option is to buy a small stove, and one mug, and a spoon, and to stock some raw food which is easy to cook. Buy all of these things and you are good to go.

There are so many options you have for raw food. I’ve noted down a few of them below:

  • The food I prefer to take is the instant noodles, as it’s easy to make.
  • Raw rice is also a good option, if you don’t want to spend more money on noodles.
  • Some chocolate candies are a good way to treat yourself after a long day.
  • If you totally want to go on a cash-less trip, then do some work at any restaurant, or a food stall, on behalf of some food, or money. (Best way.)

Food is not big deal if you follow this things.

3. Find a place to sleep: (Shelter Issue Solved.)

The last things we all need are, a place to sleep, a place to take a bath, and for nature’s call while traveling.

Here are a few things you can do for Shelter:

  • I prefer the tent, you can buy a one person tent to sleep and one sleeping bag.
    Using these two things, you can sleep at any open place you want without disturbing anybody.
  • For nature’s call you can use public toilets, or hotels, or restaurant’s toilets for free.
  • If you don’t want to spend money on any of these, then try some places like public garden, 24/7 shops, petrol pumps, parking lots, etc, these places have always some extra place where you can spend your night, all you need to do is just ask for it.




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I think these are the only things you need to travel for almost free.

Hitchhiking + Work behalf of food + Use public places to sleep and all = Free travel.



Special thanks to jay zala for language corrections. 

if you inspired by those words.

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  1. Great advice on just getting started, couldn’t agree more!


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